Plantronics MDA 100 QD


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Make the switch from desk phones to softphones seamlessMDA100 QD helps you transition seamlessly from desk phones to softphones without investing in new headsets. This simple, intuitive switch means customer service representatives CSRs with Plantronics Quick Disconnect QD headsets can manage audio from both a desk phone and a softphone without swapping between headsets. ItÂ’s designed to minimize disruptions, so your CSRs are free to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.Transition seamlessly to softphones using a single Plantronics QD headset. The MDA100 QD is a simple, intuitive switch that helps customer service representatives manage audio from both desk phones and softphones.INTELLIGENTLY SIMPLE- Simple and intuitive design minimizes disruptions- Easy-to-access switch allows seamless call management from difference sources- Mute button with visual status makes it easy

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Κατασκευαστής : Plantronics
Αριθ. Κωδ. Κατασκευαστή : 205255-01
EAN Code : 0017229152366
Weight : 0,33 kg

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Colour of product: Black
Compatibility: Plantronics EncorePro 700 HW710, HW720, EncorePro 500 HW510, HW520, HW530, HW540, SupraPlus HW261, HW261N, HW251, HW251N, Entera HW111N, HW121N